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Barometric Altimeter

0.99 usd

This altimeter models a real aviation altimeter by using your device's barometer and allowing calibration of altitude based on air pressure at sea level (QNH) and the current air temperature. If a network connection is available, the app can fetch the closest weather station data automatically and auto-calibrate every 10 minutes or as you travel. Manual calibration is easily accomplished by sliding up and down on "Kollsman" window or on the right side of the altimeter. Features :
- 2 hand analog altimeter with smooth animations.- Kollsman window for manual calibration.- Analog and digital display options.- Filtered pressure data for more stable readings and less jumpy altitudes.- User preferences and calibrations are saved upon exit.- Auto calibration via the closest Metar station (sets sea level pressure and current temperature) when an Internet connection is present - Auto calibrates every ten minutes to save battery life- Easy manual calibration by sliding up/down or via the settings- Imperial and metric support.

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